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Warmly celebrate the Tianjin cecep Brillshow CO.,LTD launched

AddTime:2015/1/4 14:02:02    Source:TIANJIN CECEP BRILLSHOW CO.,LTD    Views:1717

  Tianjin cecep Brillshow CO.,LTD was founded in February 26, 2014, is a joint venture established by China energy conservation and environmental protection group under the new energy-saving materials Investment Co. Ltd. and South Korea G-SMATT company, with R & D and production of smart LED glass products for the main business of the joint venture company, the registered capital of 150000000 yuan, the total investment of the project the amount of 320000000 yuan.

  The company is located in Tianjin Binhai hi tech Industrial Development Zone Coastal Science and Technology Park and the future science and Technology City, covers an area of 54000 square meters. The core products for both the new LED smart glass, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and practical, while maintaining a high transmittance glass, and by controlling the present photoelectric display, video playback, combined with the city lighting and building envelope is perfect; the production capacity of the project design for an annual output of 300000 square meters LED smart glass, the annual output value is expected 2550000000 yuan. The product has 5 invention patents, in the application of patent 8, ranking the international advanced level of similar products, fill the blank of domestic similar products, no waste water, waste gas, waste and the production process emissions, as a clean and efficient environmental protection industry.

  Development of the company's strategic positioning is: relying on the advantages of domestic cost advantage and G-SMATT companies, the rapid formation of LED smart glass, a leading company in the field of high-end products and core technology research and development base, to create "the leading domestic, international advanced" the industry benchmark enterprise; the company's market position is based in Beijing, facing the country: large and medium-sized city, Hong Kong and Macao radiation table; location management strategy of the company is: relying on the central enterprises the platform, to marketing as the main line, technology research and development, production of smooth transition of three driven projects, technological innovation, product innovation and extension of industrial chain terminal, continuously improve and maintain products and technology advantage.

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